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Are you looking for the best scrap my car Croydon service. Do you want to scrap your car for cash (bank payment) in CR0/CR1? It is a hassle free and very simple process. It is important to bring to your attention of law changes that happened in 2013. Cash can not be paid for scrap. All monies we pay are done via online bank transfer. This is to safeguard against vehicle theft and illegal vehicle disposal. Our "car for scrap" deals are among the best in the UK. We are transparent, reliable and go that extra mile for customers. We have established great relationships with local Croydon scrap yards. We also provide free vehicle collection as we have teamed up with Recovery 247. Lots of local companies charge a fee for collecting your vehicle for scrap. We will collect your car for free from anywhere. To start the process simply give us a call on 07956346529 or fill out our form on our website.

Croydon is a busy South London town that has grown over the years. Being a local business in one of the largest commercial districts outside of central London is an honour. We love our area and the local community. Throughout the years we have seen many businesses, improvement of infrastructure and new buildings constructed. As we travel to in the morning on the A23 Purley Way, we see many instances of dangerous/careless driving. So we want to raise the awareness of road safety. You do not want to write off your car so it's just worth the price of scrap. Most importantly you don't want to injure yourself or any other road users.

There are car scrapping companies that buy your vehicle for scrap only to find its back on the road. This is illegal. If you sell us a car for scrap, we guarantee it will be disposed of in accordance to the law. So it is important that you find a reputable company. One where as a customer you are always put first. If you us our 'sell your car for scrap Croydon' service our mission is to get you the very best deal possible. Realistically we don't promise you the world. However you can trust our knowledge and experience to get you a deal you are happy with

Did you know there are many factors involved to quote a car for scrap? Size does matter in this instance. The more scrappable metal, the more cash you get. For example you can get up £160 for a family sized vehicle. For your peace of mind every single customer gets an official destruction notice document. This is conformation that their car has been professionally and officially scrapped in a safe, controlled manner.


It doesn't matter if your vehicle has failed it's M.O.T, been written off or just beyond repair. When our team dreams at night, there is a big sign that says 'scrap cars wanted'. They don't even want to drive a Porsche or win the lottery. All they want is to buy your car for scrap. Expert waste carriers can easily take care of the process for you. Our hardworking and trusted team are there to answer your questions. The ensure that the process stress free, fast and without hassle. They make sure that all legally required and important paperwork is completed. Cash In Your Cars does not cut corners for cash. Our professional vehicle/removal disposal team carefully manages the complete process of your unwanted scrap vehicles. From lorries to motorbikes, we want them all if you are selling.

You have to be of the mindset that whatever condition your vehicle is in, it is still an asset. If you have written off a car then sell it for scrap. That helps you raise some cash to put towards buying a new vehicle.


To scrap your vehicle it is a more simple process than you realise. We just need some details/information from you to get started. Give us a call first if you would like more information. We have a very easy to complete online quote form . Once that is filled in you've taken that first step towards scrapping your car for cash. We get back to you within an hour. Like we have said before there are factors involved when we look to get you a deal. When we receive your information one of our Croydon scrap car specialists team will contact you. They'll personally manage the entire whole process for you. Your personal deal manager will always keep you up-to-date. You can ask them any question, they are happy to answer them.

You'll need specific documentation before we can process a deal for you. One important document you need is a V5 Logbook and also registration certificate. If you bought a car on finance we will need your finance settlement document. This is usually in the form of a letter from your car finance company. If you are not sure, then call us. That is what we are there for - to help you. Steps are put in place to stop the sale of stolen vehicles. Car theft, especially in Croydon is on the increase. Thieves are now using technology to carry out keyless car theft. Cash In Your Cars will not cut corners or act against legal requirements. Without a V5 logbook that proves your ownership, we will not scrap your vehicle.

Our professional vehicle disposal team will guide you quote process if you need additional help. Do you own one of the following vehicles?

Audi - BMW - Chevrolet - Chrysler - Citroen - Daewoo - Dodge - Fiat - Ford - Honda - Hyundai - Jaguar - Jeep - KIA - Land Rover - Lexus - Mazda - Mercedes-Benz - MINI - Mitsubishi Motors - Nissan - Peugeot - Porsche - Renault - Rover - Saab - SEAT - Skoda - smart - Subaru - Suzuki - Toyota - Vauxhall - Volkswagen - Volvo



There are a list of factors that are involved to provide a valuation for scrapping your car in Croydon. One such factor is basically supply and demand. In any market this applies. Size really does matter when it comes to determining the value. Smaller cars are of less weight/ metal (think of a mini). Therefore they're valued much lower in cash value than a Jeep. To many companies location is a factor as transporting your vehicle to the nearest scrap yard. Luckily for you we are based in Croydon, so this factor does not apply to you. We have been lucky enough to team with a brilliant local vehicle recovery/transportation company. So it doesn't cost you a penny for us to collect your car.


Most companies today deduct a big amount from your overall deal. This is because they collect your vehicle and take it to the scrap yard. Even if they say "free collection" they factor it into the deal so you get less cash. Find your nearest scrap yard. Cash In Your Cars provides free vehicle collection. So you don't have to worry about anything. Put your feet up and make yourself a cup of tea. Daydream about the deal and the money coming your way. We will travel to your location, collect your vehicle and provide you a document as proof of collection. So if you are thinking that you want to scrap your car for cash, don't worry about hidden costs.

Question - How many cars have been safely recycled in the UK?

Answer - Millions.



Everybody wants to raise money and a damaged or non-running vehcile can do so. However you need to know important information about how money is paid out. Beware of some scrap cars for cash companies in Croydon. Welcome changes were introduced to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 (in 2013). Legislation was revised to create a new criminal offence for cash payments. Today, it is illegal to pay for scrap metal in cash. When we buy your vehicle all our payments to you are done via bank transfer. This legislation was put in place to combat against metal theft. Also, to prevent the illegal disposal of vehicles, to help combat against crime. We pay out big, but not cash in hand. When you want the best 'scrap my car for cash Croydon' service out there - choose us. We find the best price in CR0 and CR1.