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SCRAP MY CAR NORBURY - 07824777963

Are you looking for the most reliable scrap my car Norbury service? Do you wish to scrap your car for cash (bank payment) in SW16? We provide a stress free and simple, efficient process. It is very important to bring to your attention of specific law changes that took place in 2013. Cash can longer be paid for scrap. All monies we pay are done via an online bank transfer. This is to safeguard against possible vehicle theft and the disposal of vehicles. Our "car for scrap" deals are among the best in the country. We are trustworthy, professional and always go that extra mile for our customers. We have established good relationships with local scrap yards. We also provide free scrap car collection as we have teamed up with Recovery 247. Certainly many companies now charge a fee for collecting your vehicle for scrap. We will collect your car for free from any location. To begin the process just call us a call on 07956346529. You can also complete our form on our website.

Norbury is a busy South West London area that many Londoners are moving to. Fun fact: It's name comes from the term 'North Burh'. We are local business to that region and are proud of that. SW16 has a strong local community. Over the past ten years there has been many new businesses in the area. Especially ones to do with the vehicle industry. We care about its residents and therefore provide a trusted car scrapping service

We hope there are no car scrapping companies in SW16 that buy your vehicle for scrap only to find its back on the road. This is very illegal. If you sell your car for scrap to us, we guarantee it will be disposed of in line with the current law. So it is important that you find a company with a good reputation. We always put the customer first. If you choose our 'sell your car for scrap Norbury' service our goal is to find you the best deal possible. Realistically we can not promise you the world. However you can really trust our experience and knowledge and experience to get you the best deal possible.

Did you know there are lots of factors involved to quote a car for scrap? Size actually matter in the valuation process. The more scrappable metal there is, the more we can pay you. For example you can get up £160 for a family sized car. We make sure every single customer gets an official destruction notice document. This is proof that their car has been professionally disposed of at a registered scrap yard.


It doesn't matter if your vehicle has failed the M.O.T or it's a complete write off. When our team dreams at night, all they dream about is 'scrap cars wanted in Norbury' SW16. They know they can find you the best deals. All they were born to do is buy your car for scrap. Professional local waste carriers can expertly take care of everything for you. Our hardworking and trusted team are there to answer your questions. They make sure the process isn't a stressful one for you. They ensure that all legally required/important paperwork is completed. Cash In Your Cars will never cut corners for cash. Our expert vehicle/removal disposal team carefully manages the complete process of your unwanted scrap cars. From motorbikes to lorries, we want them all, if you are willing to sell

Just remember whatever condition your vehicle is in, it is still a valuable asset. If your car has been written off then sell it for scrap and get some money. That helps you raise some cash to put towards buying a new one.


It is more easy than you think to scrap your vehicle. All you need to do is simply provide us a few details and some information to get started. Give us a call if you have any questions about our valuation. We have a very easy to fill out online scrap car quote form . Once that's completed you're one step closer to scrapping your car for cash. We'll quickly get back to you under an hour. There are multiple factors involved when we seek to get you the right deal. When we receive your information one of our Norbury scrap car specialists team will call you. They'll personally manage the whole process Your personal deal manager will keep you up-to-date with all the progress. If it's your first time scrapping your vehicle our team are there to answer any questions.

You'll need certain important documentation before we can process the deal for you. One vital document you need is a V5 Logbook and also a registration certificate. If you bought a car using finance then we'll need your finance settlement letter. This is proof you own the vehicle outright. If you are not sure, then call us. We are there to make everything hassle free. Legislation has been put in place to stop the sale of stolen vehicles. Car theft, especially in Norbury is on the rise. Cash In Your Cars will always act in accordance to the current law. Without a V5 logbook that proves your ownership, we will not buy your car for scrap.

Our hardworking vehicle disposal team will guide you through the quote process. Do you own one of the following vehicles?

Audi - BMW - Chevrolet - Chrysler - Citroen - Daewoo - Dodge - Fiat - Ford - Honda - Hyundai - Jaguar - Jeep - KIA - Land Rover - Lexus - Mazda - Mercedes-Benz - MINI - Mitsubishi Motors - Nissan - Peugeot - Porsche - Renault - Rover - Saab - SEAT - Skoda - smart - Subaru - Suzuki - Toyota - Vauxhall - Volkswagen - Volvo



There are many important factors regarding valuation for scrapping your car in Norbury. One major factor is simply supply and demand. In any market this always applies. Size really does matter when it comes to working out the value. Smaller cars weigh less and have less parts/metal. So they are valued much less of a cash value than for example a Jeep. Location can be a factor. A company transporting your vehicle to scrap yard over a certain distance will do it for a fee. Luckily for you we are nearby, so this does not apply to our customers. We've been fortunate enough to team up with a trusted local vehicle recovery/transportation company. So it will never cost you a penny for us to collect your vehicle.


Most companies factor in collecting your car when a deal is made. They cost in collecting your vehicle and taking it to the scrap yard. Petrol and distance are costs to them. Even if they advertise "free collection" they may factor it into the deal so end up with less cash. Find your nearest scrap yard. Cash In Your Cars provides totally free vehicle collection. So you don't have to worry about hidden fees. Put your feet up and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Visualize how you'll spend the cash coming your way. We will travel to your location, collect your vehicle and provide you a document that we have now collected it. So if you are thinking that you want to scrap your car for cash, don't worry about extra costs.




Everybody wants to increase their bank balance. Owning a damaged or non-running vehicle provides an opportunity. However, there is important information you must know about how money is paid out. Firstly, beware of some scrap cars for cash companies in Norbury. Changes were made to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 (in 2013). Legislation was revised to create a new criminal offence for cash payments. Today, it is illegal to pay out in cash for scrap cars. When we buy your vehicle all our payments to you are done via bank transfer. This legislation was put in place to safeguard against metal theft. Also, to prevent the illegal disposal of vehicles, some could have been involved in a crime. We like to pay out big, but certainly not with cash in hand. When you want the best 'scrap my car Norbury' service out there - choose us. We always try to find the best price in SW16.